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FAQ / How it Works

Who is this site for?

This is a dating / community website for people who refused the covid vaccines. We did so mainly for reasons of health, based on a knowledge of the risks, and related issues. We were pressed to conform, for the most part by people who know far less about the subject than ourselves, yet we resisted. We choose to associate with each other for friends, dating, and community. This website exists to help such people find each other for dating and other social activities. It is also a platform where people can offer their events and/or services (in some cases exclusively) to this community.

The minimum age for use of this site is 18 years of age. We do not conduct any background checks on people who use this site, so please use the usual precautions when first meeting someone. Also be aware of possible scammers, and please report anything suspicious to support.

As to people's vaccine status - we do not verify this, but then, what would be the point in lying? The "dating pool" of vaccinated people is much larger than the unvaccinated, so vaccinated people are recommended to use websites which cater to them - which is pretty much every other dating / community website on the planet.

How does it work?

To use this site, first create an account. Each person can have only one account. Next, create a personal profile. For those who want to, you can also create up to three event or service profiles.

How personal profiles work

Profiles have a "friends" section and a "dating" section. You can set up different criteria on each. If someone matches you on friends-only terms, they only see that section of your profile. If they match you on "dating", they see the whole profile.

So say you're already in a relationship and only looking for friends - there's no confusion. Or say you're a woman who is open to meeting male and female friends, but for dating is only looking for women. You can set your profile up to do that, and only those who match you for dating will see your dating profile, enabling you to be as discreet as you choose to be. And of course, this works for whatever combination applies to you.

You can indicate interest in each other for free; to go to private messaging, one of you needs to become a premium subscriber. Once you're messaging, in any conversation, you're limited to one message in each direction, until you receive a reply.

How do event / service profiles work?

After you've created a personal profile, you can create additional event / service profiles. These are only shown when you have an active subscription.

Your searches are always based on your settings for your personal profile. However, for your event / service profile, you can specify the demographic - e.g. age, gender, location - that you want your service to be visible to. People who fit that demographic will see your profile in searches, and can get in contact with you.

This means you can present a professional face via your event / service profile, and keep your personal / dating profile separate.

Others can also "follow" your event / service profile to help keep track of profiles they're interested in.

Event / service profile pinging

You can announce a change in your profile - e.g. announce a new event - by "pinging". When you do this, everyone who is following you will see a notification when they next log in that you have updated your event / service profile.

Pinging is currently limited to once per week per profile.

We're also - at this time - sending an email update when you ping, to people who follow your profile. (People can switch that off if they choose to.) Mass emailing can use a lot of the server power so we may limit the number of people who can receive this alert, or switch this off in future. But for the moment this is available.

Code of Conduct

As Bill and Ted said: be excellent to each other! If a connection isn't working out, exit the conversation politely and gracefully. If necessary, you can block someone. If someone is abusive or you have genuine concerns, please report them so support can take appropriate action. Please do use this when appropriate, but not frivolously.

Similarly, the owner / staff deserve to be treated with respect.

No contact details may be put in your personal profiles, nor indications of specific locations where you are often found. (These would make the premium side of this site redundant.)

Images must not be "adult" content. As a guide, the minimum clothing should be no less than beach-wear. Nor may photos include any children - not even your own children, nor you as a child.

What this site is not for

This site is not for any illegal activity. Nor is this a site for journalists or academics enrolling to conduct research. People's profiles and photos are protected by copyright laws.

Privacy issues

We use a secure hosting provider to host the site; all website communications are encrypted over HTTPS; payments are taken via a secure payment provider. Adverts may lead to 3rd party websites, but are clearly labelled as adverts. Other than this, there is no involvement of any other tech companies; note the deliberate absence of all Big Tech platforms here.

We don't share / sell / loan any of your data to any other company. The contact details we ask for are necessary and standard for running this kind of site. Any free text you write in your profile(s) remains your own intellectual property (which you license us to display to others who match your profile).

Your profile / image can only be seen by other members when you mutually match. As stated above, there are separate sections of your profile for friends-only-matches and dating-matches, which gives you extra discretion.

Spread the love!

If you know people who would enjoy this site, please feel free to share it with them. You can send them your unique link, and if the person you invite to join does so via that link, you can earn a portion of anything they spend here in the first year of this site running (2024), and equally, they can do the same. Important: spam promotions are strictly forbidden and will invalidate this. Further details about sharing can be found inside the members' area.

Anything else

See also full Terms and Conditions.

For anything else, please send us a ticket.