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How did this website come about? My name is Antony Brush, I am the owner and creator of this website. I have been a software engineer since 1995, and following natural healing since no later than 2005. In 2019 I was starting a massage therapy business, a Karate class, and restarting my hypnotherapy business. When covid hit in 2020, these businesses were instantly closed. Due to my long-standing interest in natural healing, I was aware that there was something very wrong with the message we were getting from the mass media, and attempted to "wake people up". My first success on any scale was a letter that was published in a magazine with 20,000 readers, in late 2020, on the evidence supporting HCQ.

In 2020-1, with my previous businesses closed, I took training to become a natural healer, taking this from a long-standing personal interest to a professional level, and creating a new career for myself that was lockdown-proof. See Healing Truths for more on that.

During the lockdowns, a movement quickly came together of people who opposed the lockdowns, and "vaccine" mandates. Many new friends and partnerships were formed within this community.

Since the lifting of the lockdowns, many people have drifted away from active involvement in this community, but remain unified in the belief of bodily autonomy, the right to informed consent - which implies the right to say "No" to any medicine, and so on. Many of us have faced abuse, exclusion, and more because of our informed views and choices regarding the "vaccines", therefore we actively seek each other. We are also justifiably concerned about the potential effects of the "vaccines" on reproductive health, which makes finding a partner of a similar mindset and medical status a requirement for us.

As a software engineer, I saw a need to connect this community together online, and started putting this site together in 2023, with a launch in 2024. It's the culmination of nearly three decades of experience of writing software.

If you are eligible to join (over 18 and not covid-vaccinated), and looking for a romantic partner, new friends, or services for this community, I invite you to join.

If you are not eligible to join, then I wish you all the best. Nearly all other dating sites cater for the vaccinated, and many of them actively encouraged it during covid. The vaccinated have a much easier time finding each other, and it is for this reason that the unvaccinated community needs its own exclusive spaces.

Whichever camp you fall into, best wishes from